Weight loss mistakes to avoid

Weight loss mistakes to avoid

Ever wondered why you are not losing weight? Chances are that you are doing one of the things mentioned below. There are many weight loss mistakes but the three mentioned below are the most common type of mistakes.

  • Spot reductionweight-loss-spot-reduction

There is no such thing as spot reduction. Fat cannot be reduced from a specific part of a body; it is reduced from the entire body as a result of exercising and dieting. It’s okay If you are not losing fat from your hips but losing fat from other areas of the body, it’s perfectly normal, you will eventually loose fat from your hips if you stick to the exercise and the diet, you just have to be patient. Do not fall into the trap of buying a product which promises spot reduction as advertisers’ abuse this term to sell their exercise-related products. This is one of the most common weight loss mistakes that people make.

  • Skipping meals to lose weightwoman-obsessing-over-diet

This is a big NO! It is not a good idea. if we look at people who make weight loss mistakes, this is one is the most common among people who want to lose weight really fast.  Not only skipping meals will make you tired and weak but it will also make you hungry and crave for fatty foods. Your metabolism will slow down and after a few days you will hit a plateau. It might look like you are losing weight but It’s a short time effect. Sure it’s good for short time results but it is not recommended and it is extremely unhealthy. If you really want to see long term results then you better not skip meals instead I recommend eating more meals than the standard three times a day meal. I will explain this in upcoming days

  • Pushing yourself too hardovertraining

Believe me you will be surprised when I tell you how many people make this weight loss mistake when they start their journey, among other weight loss mistakes this one is extremely common among beginners. Weight loss takes time, some people push themselves too hard and when they don’t get results, they get de-motivated. I suggest going slowly, if you are starting a diet then take it step by step and do not go on a full-on diet. Your body needs to get used to the changes you are making, if you try too hard on the first day, chances are you will give up so take it slowly and don’t jump on it straight away. After a few weeks make your diet plan a bit strict and start doing easy exercises and so on.

So if you are really serious about losing weight then you need to avoid the above mentioned weight loss mistakes

How to find motivation to lose weight

How to find motivation to lose weight


Motivation to lose weight :

Everyone has aims and goals at different stages in life but, not everyone is able to achieve all of them. Those who are overweight want to get slim but, not all of them are actually able to fulfill this desire. A person always needs the courage to do something, without any motivation he can never do anything. Motivation makes a person achieve everything. Similarly, a person should be motivated if he has to lose weight and he should have something to look up to.

Finding motivation

It is not difficult to find motivation to lose weight. A person just needs to get in action and he is automatically able to find some ways out. When an overweight person looks at someone who is slim, he gets jealous of that person and is thinks of having looks like him. He can do this by getting himself registered at some athletic or sports club and from there he gets the motivation to lose weight by interacting with different people. Moreover, if a person rewards himself every time he reduces or burns specific amount of calories, it would also give him a great motivation to lose weight.

Feelings of most obese people

When an overweight person sees someone who is slim in some gathering or anywhere else, he feels bad about himself. He feels awful that he is not able to do what a slim person can do and is not able to look as charming as the others do. Such thoughts force him to get slim and look fascinating so a person tries his level best to lose weight and he keeps on trying until he succeeds.

A corpulent person gets the motivation to lose weight if he participates in an official athletic event. He would do anything he could in order to compete with others. It’s just the audacity of a person, which makes him believe that he can win and be what he wishes to be.

Rewarding oneself

One of the best ways to get motivation to lose weight is to start rewarding yourself every time you get to reduce certain amount of calories. This way a person would want to reward him as much as he can, and this will make him work even harder. He would start working on his body in the lush to get rewarded. For an instance, a person can reward himself by eating low calories foods but, he should care for the fact that this diet won’t harm his health. He can reward himself by money as well.

Motivation is all one should possess

Although reducing weight is not a piece of cake for everyone, yet it becomes easier if a person has enough courage. All one needs to have is the motivation that leads a person to work hard to achieve his aim. Without desires and motivation, it is impossible for anyone to do anything he aims for, no matter how easy or difficult the task is.